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It's as simple as that.  These days, more so than ever, the only way you are to get noticed and build a fan base is if you are truly a master of your craft. A career in the arts is a lifelong pursuit and it takes time and plenty of hard work to become successful.   Through ArtistShare you can build a business model that does not get in the way of your artistic vision.  ArtistShare was created by artists and we fully understand what it takes to succeed without compromising your art.  With 10 Grammy® wins and 29 Grammy® nominations since 2003, ArtistShare has a proven track record of quality.  We are excited to offer our products and services to artists who are as committed to their art as we are to our business.

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Each application will be personally reviewed by one of our project management associates. ArtistShare projects are by invitation only. We are currently reviewing project applications from all creative artists who demonstrate a passion for their art in both the quality of their work and their involvement with their fans. All artist surveys will be reviewed although due to the volume of applications we receive there may be a delay in response. Fill out a new artist survey form here. Thank you! 

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FanFunded is ArtistShare’s open platform for providing a sustainable, career-focused solution for all Artists. We highly recommend starting a project on FanFunded. Artists who have successful campaigns through FanFunded have a much higher chance of being a successful ArtistShare artist. FanFunded is a great way to share and engage while boosting your fan-base.

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