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Piano Player Participant

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what you get

  • Unique online lessons
  • Participate in the Project as a Player
  • Exclusive access to essays and journal entries
  • Access to the “Danilo Perez Trio Live” Project Experience
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As a Piano Player Participant you will immediately receive the first of four online lessons.

The online lessons will be split into 4 separate parts and posted throughout the project.

Lesson 1: Approach to Harmony
Lesson 2: Approach to Rhythm
Lesson 3: Approach to Odd-Meter Playing
Lesson 4: Approach to Improvisation

Lessons include an audio lecture, written exercises, and audio/written demonstrations. Each lesson will also include various "assignments" for you to work on and develop as a musician.

Over the course of this project you will receive additional exclusive journal entries, and essays as we delve deeper into the subjects covered in the online piano lesson.

This offer is geared towards piano players of every level, but I am sure the information will be interesting and informative for any musician.

This offer creates a unique and stimulating learning environment. In addition you will gain great insight into the creative process.

As a Player Participant you will also receive a downloadable version of "The Danilo Perez Trio Live Project" CD. This CD will be a compilation of Danilo’s favorite live performances during the course of this project. The "Danilo Perez Trio Live Project" CD will be available by early October 2005.

Throughout the project you will have exclusive online access to the “Danilo Perez Trio Live” project experience including interviews, music downloads, exclusive news, sheet music, video clips, photo galleries, recordings of rehearsals, and audio lectures on various topics. Plus! You will have the reward of having helped make this project possible!