concert in the garden

maria schneider orchestra featuring 'you' - concert in the garden

Maria Schneider Orchestra featuring 'YOU' - Concert in the Garden

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what you get

  • Parts for solos in Bb, C, Eb, and F (downloadable PDF format)
  • MP3s of the solo sections with the solo missing for you to play along with "Concert in the Garden," "Choro Dançado," "Pas de Deux," "Dança Ilusoria," and the solo from the "Soleá and Rumba"
  • Exclusive interviews with musicians from the Maria Schneider Orchestra about their approach to playing these solos
   This project was completed on 7/1/2004    read more

We’ve made versions of the pieces from ‘Concert in the Garden’ without solos for your practice and enjoyment. You’ll get to do something even my own guys don’t get to do—solo on every single solo on every single piece! You’ll download mp3s of the music and PDFs of the parts in C, F, Bb and Eb. Additionally, when you visit your account, you can listen in on interviews with the soloists from my group about their approach to these improvised sections.

The music has been edited so that each cut starts just a couple of phrases before your solo, so that you can keep on looping back without waiting through long sections. Solos can be played on any instrument. This offer does not include transcriptions of the solos played on the recording. You will download the part that my own players see when they play, but in whatever key you wish.

The sections included in this offer are the piano/accordion exchange on ‘Concert in the Garden,’ the tenor and piano (there’s a shadow of the piano solo—it’s short—that we couldn’t get rid of) on ‘Choro Dancado,’ the trumpet and soprano on ‘Pas de Deux,’ the piano and trombone on ‘Danca Ilusoria,’ the tenor and fluegel on ‘Buleria, Solea y Rumba,’ and lastly, we put on a bonus track of ‘Evanescence,’ the tenor and trumpet solos. All totaled, it’s about 40 minutes of solo space.